Hello Friends!


I was visiting Bloomington from Missouri and needed to get my nails done. After looking around on yelp I found this place and since it was close to my hotel and had a pretty good rating I decided to go there. They made me feel like a queen. I had a manicure and a deluxe pedicure and it was sheer heaven. They use these hot rocks to massage your legs when you get the deluxe pedicure and this wonderful smelling sugar scrub on your feet. I had a lovey lady taking care of my nails and a wonderfully nice gentleman pampering me with my pedicure. The staff was so nice and helpful and ensured that I was relaxed and left there with the most beautiful manicure and pedicure I have ever had. When I come back to visit Bloomington again I will certainly be going here again. Best manicure and pedicure I have EVER had.

Said Katrina L.


I received prompt, thoughtful and professional service at Nails & Tips. My manicurist noticed I had some leftover damage from a previous set of acrylic nails and she insisted that I get the repair polish instead of further damaging the nails. This has NEVER happened to me before. Sometimes, at other nail salons, I have felt bullied into covering my damaged nails with acrylics or gels.
Also, even though I mentioned right up front that I was from out of town, they made me feel as welcome and valued as a regular and potentially returning client.
Also while I was there, another customer stopped by with her three daughters. She was clearly a regular, raving fan who wouldn’t think of going elsewhere, which is always encouraging.
The cost was $38 plus tip for a manicure and pedicure (including polish on my toes and repair treatment for my fingernails.

Said Kathy D.


Nice friendly place.  They did a good job and the price is pretty reasonable.  They were really great about not doing polish for my manicure.  It’s really annoying that at other salons they can’t seem to understand that I can’t have polish on my nails because of my job.  I’ll be back if/when I’m in Bloomington!

Said Laine K.


I took my roommate here today for us to get pedicures and full sets based on the previous review.  There was only one person working, Doug.  He was very friendly and he alternated between my roomie and I so neither of us were waiting too long.  He was great to talk to and gave us the deluxe pedicures and our colored tips instead of just the basic stuff we were coming in for.  It was definitely an enjoyable experience. They have spa pedicure chairs, with the massage chairs.  I would definitely recommend getting the deluxe pedicure instead of the basic! We were both very happy with our experience and will definitely be back every two weeks!

Said Megan A.


I’ve lived in Bloomington all my life and have just about gone to every nail salon here. I have never received better care, attention to detail, and prompt service as I have at Nail Tip. They’re always happy when you walk in the door and listen to what you want done and always deliver. I’ve made this my nail salon of choice because of the top notch service they provide, the environment, and most of all the staff. They’re so friendly and always remember me and seem to remember everyone after their first visit! If you’re looking for a nail salon that entails great service, attention to detail cost efficient and timely this is the salon for you! Take it from someone who has been through it all in the salons throughout bloomington!

Said Ruthie L.

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